Sunday, March 4, 2012

I am sorry..


Dear Yussieda.. (How to tag eh?Hope you read this post)

I am sorry.
Deeply, truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.
That I broke my promise to skype with you that night..
I got a meeting about the new product that will be under my responsibility.I got the info at about 5.30pm,was preparing to go home.The meeting was at 10pm. The meeting was quite late since the manufacturer is from US.
And I have to pick up my sister at the bus station, she came from Muadzam,Pahang.
Later after Maghrib on the same day, I got family dinner. After dinner, I need to head back to office to attend the meeting.
I'm not blaming the meeting,but it was absolutely my fault to not tweeting you and I know your time had been wasted on waiting..
It was Friday, the jam was about to kill me.
And my bad is, I forgot to even tweet you about the meeting I had to attend.

Once again,
Forgive me please..

A friend of yours.

Tried to upload a photo of us, but I think something wrong with my d.Can't even open the images' folder.


alexayussida said... neglected i am...sorry syg,skrg br terdetik nk bce...wuuuu
i love u...!!

Unknown said...

I love you more,you know that.:)

alexayussida said...

bila nk update lagiiiiiii ni :D